Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pledge classes cont.

Theta: they're alright, I guess. From what I've seen on campus, I haven't been terribly impressed, but they don't make me want to gag, either. I guess they aren't really my personal taste. I wouldn't bring the vast majority of them home to meet my mother. Ultimately, they are like the much-less-hot version of Zeta. I hate to abuse this phrase, but they are a "mixed bag." There are some hot girls, some not hot girls. Thetas have something going for them beyond just being hot, though. You might already know what that something is. You know they will get drunk and hookup with you. I guess the nicer way of putting that would be that they "know how to party." Was that a secret I wasn't supposed to tell?

DZ's pledge class is pretty attractive...but no one is above reproach, and I have seen some uglies wearing DZ shirts. But not many. Overall I have been impressed with the caliber of the DZ pledges. The popularity of DZ has been increasing lately, I guess, but I don't really know with whom exactly. They are a hotter pledge class than KD. That should be saying something, because KD's pledge class should be hot just like on Wednesday you should be at Balls, but they aren't hot, really. So I guess DZ being better than them isn't really that special.

Pi Phi's pledge class is exactly what I would expect. I would expect to not be impressed. They are generally trashy, and that isn't very shocking when you consider the fact that most girls in Pi Phi are trashy. I know you can't expect all class all the time, especially not in this day and age of the South Florida invasion of our beloved school. Soon, my greatest fear will be recognized and all sorority girls will be wearing tights instead pants, with 80s-style cutoff sweatshirts. And 1.5 million bracelets. But I digress. Of course, most pledge classes have some classy girls, and I'm sure (I mean I hope) Pi Phi does too - I just haven't seen them.

KKG's pledge class is very solid. A lot of attractive girls. You may or may not have a hard time believing this. They are not all hot, but a lot of them are, and the ones that aren't are almost all very tolerable to look at. Of course there are a couple of ugly girls, but that isn't so terrible considering how some of the sororities that I thought I could count on failed me so miserably. Way to go KKG. You've exceeded my expectations, and one of only 2 sororities to do so.