Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thoughts on some of the new pledge classes

Zeta has the hottest pledge class. Period. They had the hottest class last year too. They might be a little South Florida for some of your tastes, and hey, maybe they're a little trashier than you might like them to be, but they are still the prettiest girls. Zeta's only really good at looking hot, and once again, they passed with flying colors. Way to go, ladies.

Tri Delt's pledge class is, surprisingly, a mixed bag. Obviously they've been a mixed bag sorority for the past few years ever since moving into Georgia Seagle (you know, their "homegirl"), but wasn't this supposed to be their time to shine? After going millions of dollars in debt for that huge house? I thought girls cared about stuff like a big brand new house , but apparently, that didn't exactly deliver the results the Deltas were praying for this year. I've seen some pretty unattractive ladies sporting their new little sorority bags with the 3 triangles - granted, I've sen some hot ones too, but that's a given. Tri Delt is always gonna have a lot of hot girls. All I'm saying is they're getting to the point of no return, that point where they consistently have more than a few token uglies in every pledge class.

KD. Don't even get me started. Alright, but only because you are insisting - What. The. Hell. Happened. There? Is that a KD pledge, or is that some random GDI who accidentally showed up to KD on bid day and just put herself into the scheme? And multiply that last question times 15, because that's about how many times I wondered that to myself as I sat and watched them pass. I just don't know. This may sound harsh, but the best way to put the KD situation is this: it makes my head hurt, it makes me depressed, and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

And of course, DG. DG is always solid, and I think they are a close second to Zeta in attractiveness, but as always, they are going to have a wider appeal to the UF fraternity world, because they seem to have a higher standard of class. You know what I mean - you don't expect them to to show up to your late night wearing lingerie and a crown. I'm not saying that you would expect Zetas to do that. And I'm definitely not saying you would want hot girls to do that. No way.

More later.